Activities for the Year 2020-2021

(The dates mentioned below are tentative and are subjected to change if required)

February 2021
02nd Tue : School Feast – St. Claudine Thevenet- Online Programme at 8.30 am
: followed by the Activity/ School Feast Mass at 12.00 noon

03rd Wed : Mother Foundress’ Day- Holiday
08th to 16th Feb : First Preliminary Examination –Std XII
08th to 18th Feb : First Preliminary Examination –Std X

17th Wed : Ash Wednesday- Beginning of the Lent Season Special Assembly
22nd Feb to 24th : First Unit Test for Std XI
25th Thu : Class-wise Orientation-Value- Dedication/ Caring
26th Fri : Marathi Divas- Special Assembly/
: Lent- Station of the Cross on Friday at 12.15 Pm

January 2021

04th Mon                    :           School Re-opens (Online) after Christmas Vacation /

:           Junior College Re-opens for Std XI –First day of the College/ Parents meeting

:           Along with the students.

11th to 13th Jan          :           Second Unit Test for Std  II to VIII

14th to 22nd Jan         :           History Dept.-Fancy Dress for V & VI on National Symbols Std VII & Std VIII

:          –PPT on the Rights & Duties (Values –Preamble to the            Constitution.)

:           Std. XI. – Activity –My duties & rights as Citizens of our country -Video

11th to 15th Jan          :           Second Unit Test for class IX

18th Mon                    :           Std II- Marathi Poem Recitation at 11.00 am

19th Tue                      :           Std III- Marathi Poem Recitation at 11.00 am on “India”

20th Wed                    :           Std IV- Marathi Poem Recitation at 11.00 am on “Nature”

22nd Fri                       :           Class-wise Orientation for Classes II to XII – Theme “Peace / Commitment”

25th Mon                    :           Activity on National Symbols for Std II to IV

26th Tue                      :           Republic Day- Flag Hoisting /Online Programme at 9.00 am

27th to 01st Feb          :           Science Practicals for Std X

28th Jan to 01st Feb   :           Novena to the feast of St. ClaudineThevenet (3 days) – Special Assembly

December 2020

01st Tue : Special Assembly –First week of Advent/ Talk on Personality

: Development by Fr. Velson Fernandes for Std. VIII in 4 different: Batches from 8.00 am onwards

02nd Wed : Talk on Personality Development by Fr.Velson Fernandes for Std. VII in 4 different batches from 8.00 am onwards

03rd Thu : Talk on Personality Development by Fr Velson Fernandes for Std. VI in 4 different from 8.00 onwards

04th Fri : Talk on Personality Development by Fr. Velson Fernandes for V in 4 different batches from 8.00 onwards

05th Sat : Faith Formation for Catholic Children for classes II to IV at 9.00 am

07th Mon : Special Assembly – Second Week of Advent

08th Tue : Special Assembly –Feast of our Lady

14th Mon : Special Assembly – Third Week of Advent/Maths Dept.-Competition

16th Wed : Class- wise Orientation for classes II to XII on Value “Sharing /Compassion/ Love”.

18th & 19th : Outreach Programme

21stMon : Special Assembly – Fourth Week of Advent

22nd Tue : Christmas Celebration followed by Christmas Activity : Mass-at 11.30 am/12.00 noon

23rd- 3rd Jan : Christmas Vacation

04th Mon : School Re-opens (Online)

November 2020 :

09th Mon        :    Diwali Celebration and Activity (Std. II to VIII)

10th Tue        :    Childrens’ Day Celebration

11th Nov – 22nd      :    Diwali Vacation

23rd Mon        :    School Re-opens (Online)

24th Tue        :    Hindi/ Marathi Dept. Competition

25th Wed    :    Talk on Personality Development by Fr Velson  Fernandes for Std. XII in 3 different batches from 8.00 am onwards

26th Thu        :    Talk on Personality Development by Fr.Velson Fernandes for Std. Xth in 4 different batches from 8.00 onwards

27th Fri        :    Talk on Personality Development by Fr. Velson Fernandes for Std. IX in 4 different batches from 8.00 am  onwards

28th Sat        :    Faith Formation for Catholic Children by Fr.Velson Fernandes. for classes V to VII / VIII to XII

30th Mon        :    Holiday- Guru Nanak Jayanti


02nd Fri : Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti – Holiday

06th Tue : Foundation Day of our Congregation 

15th Thu : Std V & Std VI Poster Making Competition using paint Application/

                  : Std VII & Std VIII – Power Point Presentation (Computer dept.)/

                  : Science Quiz Competition for Std IX & X

16th Fri : Class-wise Orientation on Value –“Peace and Forgiveness”

19th Mon : Competition by English department on theme –“Peace and Non – : Violence/ Std V & Std VI- Poem Recitation on Peace/

                   : Std VII & Std VIII – Any speech of Mahatma Gandhi/

                   : Std IX to XII – Digital Poster Making on “Peace & Nonviolence”

22nd Thu : Health and Physical Education Competition for Std X and XII  : Activity – Std X & Std XII (PT Activity)

24th Sat : Farewell of Mrs Louisa Peters-Mass followed by a short Programme: (online)

29th to 06th Nov : First Terminal Examination (online)-Std II to Std V

29th to 07th Nov : First Terminal Examination (online)-Std VI to Std VIII

29th to 09th Nov : First Terminal Examination (online)- Std IX & Std X

02nd: Special assembly on ‘ Seaons of Creation ‘.
02nd-04th: Novena to Blessed Dina Belanger
03rd: Teachers Day celebration ( by P.T.A)
04th: Eucharistic celebration for Staff
05th: Teachers Day Programs
08th: Feast of Nativity & Girl Child Day
09th-14th: First Unit Test Examination(Std II-XII)
12th: Faith formation ( catholic students Class 5-7)
14th: Hindi diwas
16th: Faith formation ( catholic students Class 8-12)
25th: Classwise Orientation
30th: Helpers Day
August 2020
*** Orientation by  guest speaker ( Fr. Peter Michael)**
03rd August -Student Council
04th August – Class 07
05th August – Class 06
06th August – Class 05
06th August- Parents Day Activity (Primary & Secondary)
08 th August – Orientation for Staff ( Fr. Peter Michael)
10th Aug – 14th Aug -Patriotic Week
15th August – Independence day celebration
28th August – Class orientation (Std III- Std XII on Patriotism)
July 2020
09th July – Yoga Day
17thJuly- Class orientation (Std III- Std XII on Faith/ hope/ importance of prayer )
*** Orientation by  guest speaker ( Fr. Peter Michael)**
27th July- Class 12
28th July- Class 10
29th July- Class 9
30th  July- Class 8
31st  July-  Helper’s orientation

March 2020

Value :Gratitude/ Selfless

06th  – 19 th                      : Final Exam ( Std IX )

09th Mon                          :  Women’s Day (Special Assembly)
10 th Tue                           : Holiday – Holi
23 rd Mon                         : Thanksgiving Mass
23rd March – 09th April:  Final Exam ( std XI )

26th  March – 09th April:  Final Exam ( std I- VIII )
30 th March                      : Review of papers (IX)

February 2020

Value : Commitment caring

01st Sat : Feast Day Celebration (School Feast)

03rd Mon : Holiday -Foundress Day

05th Tuesday : Quiz on Mother Foundress- St. Claudine Thevenet

13th Thursday: Annual Day (Primary Section)

18th Tue : Movie Day (Std I-IV) (Values of Claudine)

19th Wed : Holiday- Shivaji Jayanti

21st Fri : Holiday – Mahashivratri

26th Wed : Ash Wednesday

27th Thu : Marathi Diwas Special Assembly

28th Thu : National Science Day – Activity on Science (Std I- IV)

: Science Quiz (V-VIII)

January 2020

Value             :  Faith/ Hope

03rd     Fri       :           School Reopens

06th     Mon    :           First Friday Mass

07th –     09th     :            Second Unit Test (Std I – Std VIII)

07th –     11th     :           Second Unit Test (Std IX)

06th –     13th     :           Second PRELIMS  (Std XII)

06th –     15th     :           FIRST  PRELIMS  (Std X)

21st    Tues     :          Open Day  of Std XI / Exhibition of Art & Craft

23rd     Thu     :           Thanksgiving Assembly Std X & Std XII

24th      Fri       :           Republic Day Celebration (Primary)

26th      Sun     :           Republic Day

27th      Mon    :           Installation Ceremony

28th      Tue     :           Farewell Mass

29th      Wed    :           Farewell (Std X & Std XII)

30th      Thu     :           Open Day (Std X & Std XII)

31st       Fri       :           Mass- School Feast

December 2019

Value : Sharing/Compassion

02nd Mon: Talk for std XI on Personality Development

02- 07th Dec : First Prelims for Std XII

03 rd Tues: First Advent Assembly

05th Thu : First Friday Mass

06th Fri : Rosary at the Grotto

08th Sun : Feast of Our Lady- Immaculate Conception

12th Thurs : Christmas Outreach Programme

13th Fri : School Picnic

17th Dec: Annual Day Secondary Section

19th Thu : Carol Singing (Std I- IV)

19th Thu : Christmas Celebration (V-XII)

19th Thu : * Birthday of Cardinal Oswald Gracious

20th Fri : Mass (Christmas Celebration)

21st Sat : Christmas Celebration

23rd -02nd Jan : Christmas Vacation

June 2019

Value : Prayerful/ Punctuality

  • 03rd Mon : School Reopens (Std X & XII)
  • 05th Wed : Holiday – Ramzan Id
  • 08th Wed : Orientation on Catecheties for the Catholic teachers by Fr. Cletus DSouza SDB
  • 10th Mon: School Reopens (Std. IX) and Teachers
  • 12th Wed : Staff Orientation by Fr. Henry D’Souza SVD
  • 15th Sat : School Reopens for Std I to VIII (7.25 a.m. to 10.30a.m.)
  • 18th Tue : Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • 19th Wed : Value Education Talk –Std X A & B
  • 20th Thu : Value Education Talk –Std IV A & B
  • 21st Fri : Yoga Day/ Meeting with Parents (Std I & II)
  • 24th Mon: Class- Wise Orientation (Std I to XII)
  • 25th Tue : Meeting with Parents (Std III &IV)
  • 26th Wed : Spell Bee Competition (Std III & IV)
  • 27th Thu : Elocution Competition Std XII
  • 28th Fri : Spell Bee Competition – Std I & II / Field Trip-Std V


July 2019

Value : Cleanliness – Swatch CJM

  • 03rd Wed : English Essay Writing Competition (Std V – X)
  • 04th Thu : Installation Ceremony (Primary Prefects)/ Tree Plantation Day (Std V to VIII)
  • 05th Fri : First Friday Mass
  • 06th Sat : AGBM at 9.00 a.m.
  • 08th Mon : Tree Plantation Day (Std I-IV)/ English Handwriting Competition (Std I to IV)/Marathi Essay Writing Competition (Std V – X)
  • 08th to 12th : Drawing Competition Week (Std I to IV)
  • 9th Tue : Inter-House Marathi Debate Competition/ Logo Making Competition- Std XII
  • 10th Wed : Tree Plantation Day (Std IX to XII)
  • 11th Thu : Hindi Essay Writing Competition (Std V – X)
  • 12th Fri : Marathi Handwriting Competition (Std I to IV) /Field Trip-Std VI
  • 13th Sat : Recollection for Std I-IV
  • 15th 19th : Drawing Competition Week (Std. V to VIII)
  • 17th Wed : Card Making for Parents Day (Std I to IV)/ Marathi Choral Recitation-Std. V-VII
  • 19th Fri : Hindi Choral Recitation-Std. V-VII / Field Trip- Std VII
  • 20th Sat : Mass for Parents′ Day at 9.00 a.m.
  • 23rd Tue : English-Choral Recitation-Std. V-VII
  • 29th to 31st : First Unit Test for (Std I – VIII)
  • 29th to 01stAug: First Unit Test for (Std IX &X)
  • 29th to 2ndAug: First Unit Test for Std XII

August 2019

Value : Patriotism/ Respect

02 nd Fri : First Friday Mass

03 rd Sat : Recollection for Std V – VII

06 th Tue : Talk on Career Guidance

07 th Wed : Marathi Choral Recitation-(Std. III & IV)/ College reopens- Std XI/ National Symbol -Colouring / Craft (Std I to IV)

08 th Thu : Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition

09 th Fri : Fresher Day- Std XI / Field Trip Std VIII

10 th Sat : Recollection-  Std VIII- XII

12 th Mon : Holiday – Bakri Id

13 th Tue : Meeting with Parents Std IX Std XII – Failures/ Exchange of Marks

14 th Wed : Independence Day Celebration – Primary/ Creative Writing Competition – Std XII

15 th Thu : Independence Day

16 th Fri : Open Day (Std I to XII)-7.45 am – 10.30 am

17 th Sat : Holiday – Parsi New year

20 th Tue : Sandwich Making (Std I to IV)

22 nd Thu : EVS Presentation Competition –Std XII :

23 rd Fri : Rakhi Making (Std I to IV) / Field Trip Std IX

29 th Thu : Mass for Teachers’ Day at 9.00 am

30 th Fri : Teachers’ Day Celebration- Primary

31 st Sat : Teachers’ Day Celebration- Secondary

September 2019

Value : Responsible/ Dedication
02 nd Mon. :        Holiday –Ganesh Chaturthi
04 th Wed :           Feast of Bl. Dina Belanger/ Hindi – Choral Recitation-Std.                                       III & IV
06 th Fri :               Rosary at the Grotto / Collage Making -Girl Child (Std I to                                         IV)
06 th to 07 th:        Retreat to Khandala for Catholic Students Std VIII-Std XII
08 th Sun :              Feast of Our Lady
13 th Fri :                 Hindi Diwas
17 th Tue :                English Choral Recitation (Std I to IV)

18- 20:                       First unit test – Std 11
20 th Fri :                  Field Trip-Std XII
21 st Sat :                   English  debate  – (Std VIII to XII)
28 th Sat :                  Helpers Day