Patron: Ignatius of Loyola
Symbol: Carnation
Principle Upheld: Love, Sacrifice, Understanding.

The House of St. Ignatius of Loyola has a beautiful motto “For the greater glory of God” and it is quite appropriate as one can see that he worked for the glory of god”. The beautiful symbol of the green house the Red Carnation stands for love and sacrifices which goes a long with their patron saint Ignatius who gave up riches and started working for the poor for whom he had great love. Life would be nothing if there was no love and sacrifices in today’s world as it is needed.

The Green House students have to learn from their patron saint to make sacrifices and to love the underprivileged. It is not easy in today’s world, but nothing is impossible with our Lady’s help. They will be able to make sacrifices and Love the poor around them. They will be able to give ‘Glory to God’ by doing good deeds in the world in the world. The world will become a better place to live in.