Patron: Dina Belanger
Symbol: White Rose
Principle Upheld: Faithful, Peace, Purity, Punctuality

Dina Belanger’s motto of “Judge not and you will not be judged” is inspiring in today’s world. As we like to judge people for what they have done. Dina Belanger dreaded criticizing or passing judgment on others. She was able to overcome the temptation as she was faithful to the grace and to the inspiration of God. The beautiful words ‘Purity’ and ‘Peace’ which stands for the beautiful ‘White Rose’ is the symbol of the Red house.

The students of the Red house have a beautiful patron and a symbol. They can be pure of mind like their patron suffering in small ways to save the world and bring peace in the world. Small prayers said for the world. When you love deeply sacrifice becomes a joy and small sacrifices brings purity in our lives. It is than that you can say, that your school life has been happy.