The Sisters of Jesus and Mary of the Province of Pune, drawn by the vision of our Foundress St. Claudine and  propelled by her missionary zeal, took up the challenge to establish an English medium Co-educational High School in Kharghar in the year 2002.  This seed then sown by the then Provincial Superior –Sr. Lucia D’Silva and her Council, of the Province of Pune, has now sprouted and bears its branches wide to embrace a beautiful High School and Junior College, on land which was  barren,  arid wilderness, supporting reptiles occasionally  invading the premises from the surrounding hills.

The project was inspired by Fr. Larry Pereira, the then Dean of Navi Mumbai, on behalf of the Archdiocese of Mumbai. This was to make the Church present through her Social Service of Education, particularly to the young.

The institution would also cater to the education of the under privileged children  housed as Boarders in the neighboring Sector, called  Prem Dan Social Service Center, built for them and  managed by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary. This facility would provide some with an English medium education and others would attend the Local Schools according to their mother tongue.

In her initial year the Students were  proudly introduced to their newly inspired   Motto “to Grow, to Live and to Bloom.”, the school colors  and  a freshly composed Anthem  “Alma we love your name…”by Sr. Gerard Paul rjm and will ever remain true  and loyal to the Values inscribed therein.

The School Building project was undertaken during the term of office of Sr. Lucia D’Silva, Provincial Superior and her Council after purchase of the plot in 1998 through CIDCO-the City Industrial Development Corporation. The foundation stone was blessed by Fr. Larry Pereira on  April 6th  2001 in the presence of a few  Religious of Jesus and Mary as well as Mr. Julius  Pereira- Project Manager ; Mr. Lele and Associates-the Architects; Contractors of M/s Sunil Construction Company and Fr. Ubaldo Baretto – the present  Parish Priest. The construction of the building commenced and was completed within ten months.

Academic Year I- June 13th  2002– This day of the  inaugural  opening of the School,  set up the first milestone  in its history.

Present for the occasion were Sixty- five   parents with their little ones, together with a few children from Prem Dan. All were enthusiastically welcomed. to participate in a  meaningful Prayer Service . The space at the Entrance of the school building, provided the best avenue for this first Jesus and Mary School Community, gathered as a family, to pray and thank God  who through St Claudine has realized this dream. The guests were served a festive meal to celebrate the occasion and a souvenir to remember the day.

The pedagogy of love visible in the outcome of  St. Claudine’s work, served as long-term inspiration  for the school community towards its  future educational enterprise

 June 14th  2002– The  first academic year commenced  with much zeal, love and dedication  and great enthusiasm. There were Sixty students enrolled, covering three Classes – Nursery, Kindergarten and Std I. These classes were taught by Sr. Usha Pereira  rjm, Sr. Gerard Paul rjm and Mrs. Raj Sindu, our first Assistant Teacher.

The first Community of Sisters responsible for this dual Mission Apostolate was established  at  Prem Dan Social Service Center and comprised  Sr. Madeleine Pallan rjm – Superior and Manager, Sr. Usha Pereira rjm  Principal,- Sr. Gerard Paul rjm Assistant Teacher–Sr. Tracy Peter rjm, Sr. Philomena Barla rjm. and Sr. Usha Pereira rjm Head Teacher. While the two sisters  Usha Pereira  and Sr.Gerard  Paul were responsible for the School Apostolate, the other three i.e. Sisters Magdalene, Sr Tracy Peters and Sr.Philomena Barla tended to the Prem Dan Hostel.

February 3rd  2003 was another big day for the Sisters and collaborators-

The school was officially inaugurated by His Lordship Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracias, of Navi Mumbai Deanery. The school building much admired and commended for its design and workmanship. is the work of Mr. Julius Pereira and his team. He  still remains very active and takes the initiative to support and advice our Jesus and Mary Sisters in their structural enterprises and undertakings.

Academic Year II -June 2003The number of students on the roll increased to 263- ranging from the Pre-Primary to Std. IV.


June 2006   To cater to the growing demand for a “convent education,”  the school which initially accommodated  two divisions in the Pre-Primary section,  by the natural process of growth, increased to accommodate  two divisions per Class up to Class Ten. Various fund raising activities-  contributions generously made by parents and benefactors, went a long way in meeting escalating costs. Sr. Antoinette Monteiro appointed Principal, took the school to new heights, with her innovative ideas.

The leveling of the school playground was undertaken and is now fully equipped with Courts for Basketball and Volleyball, Football and space for various Sporting activities. In 2010, a play area was ear-marked for our Tiny Tots with Play equipment such as Swings, Slides, See-saws etc to be installed.


The year 2007: Being the age of Technology, a school with the necessary components for such is a must. Hence Computers were installed in an air-conditioned Laboratory. An Audiovisual Room and  a fully equipped Science Laboratory will hopefully make studies more appealing.

The year 2008:  The need for an Auditorium to host functions and programmes was yet another major facility required.  The exposed tiled space which once served as a Hall, for this, an entire enclosure was set up around it to secure its use. To maintain the beauty of the place, part of the walls of the auditorium, classrooms and corridors are tastefully tiled.

The year 2010 : an LCD Projector was installed in the Auditorium, to be utilized for Assemblies, Workshops, Seminars and Meetings. We have a Library -a store house of Books made accessible to students and teachers.

The year 2011:  Moving further in the line of technology, Text Messaging-SMS was introduced to update parents with information regarding school matters. This has benefited both- the School and the Home tremendously. Later an Intercom System was installed. The connection to every classroom helps in instant communication of announcements and information from the Principal’s Office. 

The year  2012:  The CCTV  equipment – a need of the hour- was installed in the classrooms and on the school campus.


In 2009 :  The last words of St. Claudine Thevenet – our Foundress “How Good God”  came to mind when the official  Recognition of the School  was obtained.  It was through her intercession and the hard work of the Management that bore fruit. Sr. Helen Dias the then Manager and Sr. Antonette  Monteiro, Principal of the School, spared no effort to obtain this official Document for  our school from the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.


In 2010 we confidently sent up the first batch of  ( insert number) students for the S.S.C. Board Examination. Our students fared excellently well obtaining 100%. bringing much pride to our school .  Sakshi Gupta claimed the First place in the school, obtaining 92%. We thank God for His bountiful blessings on all the members of our Staff, the Students, Parents and above all our Principal for their selfless service.

In 2011 Asish Raut secured First place with 91.27%.

In 2012 Simran Kaur Aulakh secured First place with 97.64%. Our school was selected as the Centre for the Marathi Medium, S.S.C. Board Examination.

In 2013 once again we had 100% results- Dhanushi Beloskar secured First place with 94.45%. 


In 2011- we celebrated 10 Glorious Years of our growth and progress. To mark the occasion a musical entitled ‘ANNIE’ directed by Fr. Gerald Fernandes was staged. And carried the Theme of, ‘The Girl Child.’ Once again our celebration was graced by His Lordship Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracias at which he released a Souvenir for the occasion. 


August 24th 2012 The introduction of the Junior College marked another milestone in the history of the Institution. It was inaugurated by Sr. Prudence D’Souza, Chief Guest who cut the symbolic ribbon at the ceremony and addressed the first batch of students with her inspiring words.


Growth  is a sign of life” and unless we keep growing, we will slowly die…let us not step onto this path of death and decay but strive more and more for what is Good, Beautiful and True in and for our Mission of Education.

Much awaits us in the future-the need to extend the school building has become inevitable. Construction work is in progress under the capable guidance of Mr. Julius Pereira and his team. With faith and confidence we place our plans in God’s caring Hands. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it produces abundant fruit” – our humble beginnings have brought the present total on our rolls to 1300 students.  We are ever grateful to all our well-wishers for their love, co-operation, support and encouragement so willingly given at all times.

On April 3rd 2017, Convent of Jesus and Mary International School- was simultaneously initiated on the same campus. and will be affiliated to the ICSE Board – The classes  now functioning are from Prep I to Grade IV with a total  of 155 students.

In 2018, the enrollment went up to 331 which necessitated two divisions in each of the three of the classes – Prep I, Prep II and Grade I. bringing the total strength to 331 on roll.

WE CONTINUE to give thanks to God Almighty, for His bountiful blessings on us at CJM Kharghar and continue to pray- that through our Jesus and Mary educational Vision and  Mission endeavors, we may bring our world to the knowledge and compassionate love of God for humankind. 

                                    Praised forever be Jesus and Mary.