2022- 2023

The student council members for the academic year 2022 -23 are as follows:



1. Head Girl – Ms Christina Kamble
2. Prefect of St. Claudine Thevenet  House – Ms. Kirti Oberoi.
3. Prefect of St. Ignatius of Loyola    House – Ms. Suhani Barhate.
4. Prefect of the St. Xavier House –  Ms. Vedika Sakpal.
5. Prefect of the Blessed Dina            Belanger House – Ms. Sanika            Said.
6. Sports leader – Mst. Shrey Nair.
7. RSP leader – Mst. Vedant Pise.
8. Catholic leader – Ms. Rosemary    Valmiki.
9. Discipline In-charge – Ms.              Sharayu Pol.
10. Discipline In-charge – Ms Tanvi   Jagade.

1) President – Ms Ryana Chauhan
2) Vice-President – Ms Numa            Hurzuk
3) Asst. Head Girl – Ms Poorva          Gholap
4) Asst. Prefect of St. Claudine Thevenet House – Mst. Vignesh Mogaveera
5) Asst.Prefect of St. Ignatius of Loyola House – Ms. Tanvi Huderi
6) Asst.Prefect of the St. Xavier House – Ms. Riya Sonawale.
7) Asst. Prefect of the Blessed Dina Belanger House – Ms. Kimaya Kamble
8) Asst.Sports leader – Mst. Swayam Singh
9) Asst.RSP leader – Ms.Sanchita Bandhari
10) Asst.Catholic leader – Mst. Clyde Rodrigues
11) Asst.Discipline In-charge – Ms. Nishtha Kamble

Academic year 2020-2021

Top Row (left to right)
Red House Leader : Kirti Gawali
Discipline Leader : Kyra Pereira
Green House Leader : Khusmeet Kaur Sandhu
Yellow House Leader: Viola D’silva
Blue House Leader : Akansha Jagtap

Middle Row (left to right)
Sports Leader : Pranav Tailor
Catholic leader : Natasha Crasto
Vice President : Dilshaad Sumar
Rsp Leader : Vedant Patki
Discipline Leader : Reemaz Khot

Bottom Row (left to right)
President : Vivek Sakpal
Secondary Supervisor : Mrs. Satelda D’Souza
Principal : Sr. Angela Raposo
Head Girl : Sara Gomes

Office bearers for the year 2020-21:


President – Vivek Sakpal

Vice President – Dilshaad Sumar

Head Girl – Sarah Gomes

Asst. Head Girl – Christina Kamble

Yellow House Leader – Viola D’silva

Asst. Yellow House Leader – Kirti Oberoi

Green House Leader – Khusmeet Kaur Sandhu

Asst. Green House Leader – Suhani Barhate

Blue House Leader – Akansha Jagtap

Asst. Blue House Leader – Vedika Sakpal

Red House Leader – Kirti Gawali

Asst. Red House Leader – Sanika Said

Catholic Leader – Natasha Crasto

Asst. Catholic Leader – Rosemary Valmiki

Sports Captain – Pranav Tailor

Asst. Sports Captain – Shrey Nair

R.S.P. Leader – Vedant Patki

Asst. R. S. P. Leader – Vedant Pise

Discipline Leader – Kyra Pereira, Reemaz Khot

Asst. Discipline Leader – Tanvi Jagade, Sharayu Pol