After my 10th classwhen I was searching for colleges ,CJM was not on my list. I wanted to join a college far away from Kharghar to explore the city. But just like everything happens for good- CJM happened to me. Fortunately I landed here and today I can say this without any regrets that I’m grateful that I got into this college. Firstly I was impressed to see was the way people treat each other. No matter if you are a student, teacher or a helper you’re treated with kindness. I especially loved the way teachers treated their students as if they were their own children.

My first year of college was online (thanks to the pandemic) yet I felt the warmth in the way our teachers taught us. Today, I am able to say that I have explored my inner talents only because of the potential my teachers tapped in me. I involved myself in every possible event because I just couldn’t hold back when I saw how wonderfully each programme happens here. This institution not only helps you to improve mentally or physically but also spiritually. The life lessons and values make one face the world with grace.

As you enter the gate you can feel the positive environment in here. I’ll miss the friends I’ve made here, the love and support of teachers and sisters but mostly I’ll miss not being in the presence of CJM. I’ve being hearing the saying “school is your second home” since my childhood but I never felt it the way I feel here.

The beautiful experience shared with our sisters, teachers and school friends is something I’ll cherish throughout my life. I’m grateful for my life and destiny for bringing me into this school.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end and I hope the new beginning would be twice as beautiful as this new beginning’s end.

Rhea Majar

Women’s are the Real Architects of Society.

Our society says, most valuable things on the earth are ‘women’. Let’s salute every woman on this earth. ‘Women are the real architects of society, they can create anything they want’. Dedicated to all women, inspired by my Mother/Sisters/Family members & loved ones.

Remember, the umbrella of the term “women” touches people dealing with all paths of life. Helping women in need will not only be a bonding experience for people and their ladies, but it will reiterate that no woman is excluded from aid or support because of their economic situation. Having each other’s back is essential in this world.

A woman always works with perfection. Being a mother, sister, wife, daughter, grandmother never forgets their work.

A woman always improves every person’s life which is involved in her life. She never thinks about her, her dreams, her work, her happiness, her choices and all of her efforts and time is for family.

Jobs for women are very important if they want to make a living for themselves and for their family. Unfortunately many women only get their jobs based on how they look and not how qualified they are. Also if they aren’t pretty they have a chance of not getting their job, and many young girls think that this is the only way for them to get a job is to be pretty. Which is not true, but unfortunately that is what is happening in the world we are living.

Many societies tend to ignore the significant role of women in the homes and communities. Women’s unpaid labour is often not valued nor factored in GDP, frequently remaining unseen and unrecognised. It is time to recognise how important their role and contributions are. Let’s ensure both genders see each other as partners; let’s continue creating more awareness. Women in our society have been considered as inferior to men for many years. Because of such type of inferiority, they have to face various issues and problems in their lives. They have to go extra miles than men to prove themselves equivalent to men. People in the middle-ages considered women as key to destruction, so they never allowed women to go outside and participate in the social activities like men. Still, in the modern age, women have to face many more problems in their daily lives and struggle a lot to establish their career. Many parents prefer to have only baby boy and allow education to boys only. Women for them are only medium to keep the family happy and healthy.

Parth Jayesh Patel


Women are the real architects of the society

It is a true saying that women are the real architects of the society. Women plays an important role in ones life, she is a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter. She plays important role in our daily life and yet no one realizes her efforts. Women bears the responsibility for shaping their children for a bright future. There wouldn’t be existence of human life if there were no women.

Earlier the women were not given equal opportunities as men and their task was limited to their household chores. Even if the women were allowed to work they were given less wages than men. Due to this the women were unable to yield their talent. But as the time passed, the people realized that how important is women in ones life and how they can improve the economic condition of both household as well as the country. In modern times the women are allowed and encouraged to do any kind of work they like and give them chance to yield their talents. Women are given special opportunities by the government to get them involved in politics and leadership. The efforts are also taken to provide women with job opportunities so they do not need to depend on anyone for their financial needs. There are also many movements going on to spread awareness about role of women in one’s life and also to provide them with equal rights. Many Women such as Indira Gandhi , Malala Yousafzai , Mary Kom etc are examples that women can achieve anything they want to and this women also create inspiration for future women generations.

However it is sad to know that even after all these efforts taken till this date in many parts of the world women are still discriminated and treated unequally. The main reason for this is olden times mindset of people. However this can be changed by spreading awareness and taking actions to provide equal rights and opportunities to women. The least we can do is to try and spread awareness about importance of Women and also help them to yield their talents. The more involvement of women in social and economic activities will lead to bright future of a country. Hence it is rightly said that Women are the real architects of society.

Aryan Patel



Then the LORD GOD said, “It is not good that a man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner” -Genesis 2:18

The above verse quoted from Bible itself is a proof that God himself knew the importance of women in this world. The word used is “partner” which means someone who is equal to the man.

Today we are living in a fast-changing world. The only thing that is constant is change itself. This is also applicable in the case of women in the society. Today women are playing equally important role in the society as that of men. In every sphere of life woman has proved her ability. Besides fulfilling her responsibilities at home as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, woman has proved her metal in the capacity of being the head of a State, Doctors, Entrepreneur, a Police Officer, Pilot, Army Personnel, Astronaut, and much more. There is no end to the list where women have proved to be equal to men.

There is a beautiful African proverb – if you educate a man you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. This proverb is beyond doubt true. As a mother, teacher or as a mentor it is the woman who plays the key role in shaping the character and future of a child, which in turn helps in a great way to build a strong nation. Today education has empowered woman to be socially, economically and emotionally strong. However, there is a continuous effort of making her presence felt.

It is impossible to imagine a life without the presence of a woman. No person can ever see the face of the earth without a woman giving birth to a child, which is one of the most special pain that a woman endures happily apart from the various sacrifices she makes for her family. There is no dearth of heroes who were inspired by their mother to bring an instrumental change in the course of history.


Joel Romany

– XI Commerce

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

Twenty years ago, a little girl, brimming with determination and who’s sky had been grey for a long time dreamt of becoming an IAS officer. Unfortunately, Manisha’s family financial condition hindered her pursuit to achieve her goals and instead forced her to go on a chosen path of marriage. Furious at the complacency of her family, she left her home to pursue her dreams. She knew, education was the only solution to her problems. She took up a sewing job, rented a small apartment with her salary and continued on her path. She overcame the struggles and became an IAS officer. In her mind, she always knew that she was destined for the stars and that she was in charge of her own destiny and that nothing could come between her and her dreams. 

 In my opinion, girls should be given the freedom to explore their potential and decide when they want to marry or which dreams they want to follow. Because girls with dreams become women with vision. Becoming a woman of vision gives us clear direction and proper motivation to make our daily choices such as how we should eat, how we should spend our money, time and talents. A woman of vision enables great things to happen, by pursuing the right things

In the words of writer Jamie Varon , “Be so fiercely committed to the things you care about and the vision of the life you want that you don’t have the time, energy or need to compare yourself to other people.” The answers are inside you. It’s time to listen to them, and turn that dreams into reality.

–  Ryana Rakesh Chauhan


Women are the real architects of the society – words of Harriet Beecher Stowe  

Women in our life are like those pillars of the building which cannot be seen but they play a significant role in supporting them and even though they are less valued their support never abate. Everyone should be appreciated regardless their status in the society or gender.

Women are always known for their sharp vision in the terms of right and wrong, they always grasp the situation very well. Even being oppressed by the society they know how to stand up on their own. In the earlier centuries and till to this date women are always given the place in the kitchen or we can say that the “society decided to keep their position in the kitchen.

Many women took up the courage and started living for themselves for their happiness and not for others. They started to do the work they loved rather than just doing things to please others. We were given birth by a women, we were trained to walk and to speak by a women but still we don’t even respect them and as we grow older we just starts to overlook them like we don’t owe them nothing. Women can do everything if they are given the chance. They just need an opportunity to prove themselves. They can shape this society in the way we can never imagine. If women were given the break to shape this society they would have made sure that everyone are treated the same regardless their height ,weight ,color ,status ,gender ,religion .Because no one else then them (women) would have known on how it feels to be treated differently in spite of born as a human being and still not being able to breathe like others.

We expect from them to be fine-looking, to be obedient, being able to cook well and to manage the whole household flawlessly, but do we ever realize that how much pressure we are putting on them. For once put yourself in their shoes and see if you can handle that much responsibilities without getting any support and heartlessly burdened them with your wishes which become their “duty” .If we are getting our meals on time that is because someone is standing in the kitchen all day even in the hottest day or the coolest night without whining or complaining

Women are strong, beautiful , loyal ,positive ,smart, etc.…. and to conclude they are the most astonishing living being God created and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

Numa Abdul Hamid Hurzuk


Celebrating Women’s day is celebrating each one of us. It’s a way of feeling gratitude to each and every woman in one’s life. The powerful creation gifted by the universe to feel the presence of divinity.
The world talks about women empowerment, women education, women health & safety and women equality in work environment, family and society. Surprisingly, woman are the power house of resources and real architects of the society.
In the current scenario, women empowerment is a much talked topic in nooks and corners of the world. Empowerment doesn’t mean not only providing facilities to empower someone. It is for an individual to realize one’s potential, equip with adequate resources, create oneself and evolve as a better person. Its actually empowering oneself within and empower others through proper knowledge, providing equal opportunity and respect for individual’s thought and rights.
The word Women itself redefines the gender role. It clearly states that Women, Men and Wo–Men act as co-creator in the universe. By nature, women’s position is been placed prominently and recognized as the vital source of cosmic energy. As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, let us feel the essence and presence of each and every women in our life. It’s a wonderful experience to be surrounded by beautiful soul, braveful heart and caring mind. Realize the worth of a woman to realize the worth of self. Be proud in celebrating a woman in your life forever.
 It’s a matter of time to realize the power of the word woman:
W – Willingness to adapt, adjust and acknowledge self and others
O – Optimum utilization of Resources and store house of Reservoir

M – Magnify her talent and potential to Achieve goals and success
A – Accept the uncertainties and Convert them to opportunities
N – Nurture Mind to Nurture Heart to Nurture Relationship

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” –G.D. Anderson



Glad you are my dad you’re are my dad!

You’re one in a million, pop !
When it comes to the first class fathers,
You’re the absolute cream of the crop.
You love me no matter what,
Whether I’m a goodie or baddie
I really love you ,Pa
You’re a fine and fantabulous daddy .



There is a rainbow in the sky,
Do you know how it came by?
Seven colours can be seen,
Red,yellow,a lovely green
Violet, indigo and blue
There is orange in it too.

Alina Antony
Std 7-A


Life sometimes can be miserable.
Life’s happy times flee away.
Life sometimes can be unfavourable.
It’s okay…

Don’t worry my dear.
This storm will eventually vanish.
And will bring a beautiful day,
The spring day for which you’ve always wished.

All your worries will go away.
Gratefully, cheerfully you look at the sky.
And see your problems go by.

This is life. It’s like a puzzle.
Sometimes you find your way, sometimes you don’t.
This life it’s not about finding yourself,
It’s about creating yourself.

Don’t think a lot.
You don’t need everything to be sorted.
Things don’t last forever, It’ll bloom flowers.
The darkness won’t stay.
You shall make your way.
As it’ll be spring day,
Cause life goes on.
Let’s live on.


Someday soon…

Corona is not an evil spirit or a bad omen.
Neither a monster nor a roller coaster.
It’s a bad time, that’s going to pass one day.
It’s a chilled, inhumane winter soon to be taken over by spring.
A destructive heavy rain soon will pierce the sunrays.
A long tiring day and a restless night.
But everything is going to alright, someday.
So, let’s pray as it can’t forever be blue and grey.
The birds will chirp again.
They will again enjoy the morning rain.
Maybe one more day or one more week,
It’s sure not goona stay through another leap.
Its new year 2021.
Let’s talk about the late night movies.
The new resolutions. The Christmas presents and gifts,
cause these dark clouds are gonna get lift.
Let’s not lose our hope.
It may snooze, but it can’t be eternal.

Tanvi Jagade(IX-A)


A warm hug from her, makes my day,
Her love is enough to make my way.
A way to reach my will so sure,
Her love is enough to shower up all.
When she kisses my cheeks,
I wear a smile whole day long till daylight,
Please tell her, my love I can’t convey;
How preserved I feel In her arms everyday,
I wish then, this moment shouldn’t pass away,
LOVE YOU MY MAMMA each and every day;
So, I had a question to all mothers here today,
How sad your heart may go when your child is far away?


By- Samiksha Suryavanshi

Std IX B.




Never Give Up

Never lose your pace.
When you have to win a long race.
Never say I give up.
Because, you have to drink a nectar cup. Never be afraid of Trials,
These are just life Tutorials.
Even though your goal might be out of sight Don’t, give up, be your own light.
Even though sadness and destruction have laid siege, Don’t worry cause your victory will be out of reach. Even though your world seems to be falling, Have faith, God hears our calling!
When life becomes all gloomy and hits you to the ground
When trials always find their way around, Don’t give up, you’re just a step away,
Put on a smile and give another try anyway.
With this I will sum it up.
In your life never give up!

By Christina Kamble ( IX-A).


Life is so short, we’ll go high and low,
Here comes a day as we go;

A new day to come let’s go forth,
learn from our mistake and make it sort ;

There’s a huge competition going out.
To win something that may go beyond our couch;

Let’s enjoy our life short and sweet.
With our old, new friends every day, we meet?

Never give up, mom thought so.
stand strong to fight the battles high and low;

Love your life short and sweet.
Because the moments of now will never repeat.

By- Samiksha Suryavanshi

New Normal – The World After Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the world is facing the worst of Financial, Diplomatic and Political conditions. Many people have lost their jobs and as a result unemployment of people is a critical problem. Labourers who worked at construction sites had to migrate back to their hometowns or villages. Coronavirus has not only affected China largely but also to India and other countries. As a result, all transactions and occupations came to standstill. People were affected and are also going to be affected in future.
After a long and weary lockdown of nearly 1- year people are getting back to their normal lifestyle. Just as going back to school and offices. This is also called as the “New Normal” Sticking to normal routine such as, waking up early, getting ready to go out with a new hope of life being fill with a fresh and new vigor.

Looking back to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic and the situation now, there is vast improvement in the political, economical and social status of India. A lot of efforts have been taken by the administration to bring normalcy back into the country and people by means of laws, schemes and charity including Qualitative measures regarding protection of common people from coronavirus.
As a student I wish that this worst coronavirus situation gets over quickly and everyone gets over their problems regarding this. All should look at this life as boon given by god. Because it is only the god which helps us during our time of need just as this Coronavirus Pandemic situation.
Let us just leave all those terrible memories of bad times that have come on us and the whole nation. Look towards the life with new but positive view and keep helping all those in need.

Bhargavi A Bandekar

My Trip To Europe

I was about 9 years old when we went to Europe. My father who was working in a company called Hexaware got a chance to go to London for 3 months. Then after that he again got an opportunity to go again to London for a year. We have moved for Airport on 21 October 2017,Time- 02:30 AM.When we have reached there the people incharge there were asking as the reason for coming to London. When we told them the reason we had then taken our bags and gone outside where my father was waiting to pick us up. Then we got in a cab and explored the city.

When we reached home where my father was living in

London. Then he gave us the gifts which he had bought for me and my brother. The next day we gone to Big Ben,London Eye,

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,Aquarium,London Bridge,etc. After 2-3 days we went for a Europe Tour in a bus which explored full European countries i.e,Germany,Belgium,Luxembourg,France and Switzerland. We have stayed everywhere for 1-1 day. But in Luxembourg we have just taken a 30-40 minutes break and we have moved ahead. We have even gone to Mount Titlis,Eiffel Tower,Cuckoo Clock,etc. Then we came home and did a little rest. We have gone to Malls and Stores to buy Chocolates and souvenirs for our friends and family members. Before going back to India we played a lot in a park. Then my father came with us to the Airport to drop us there. I loved my Trip to Europe a lot.




Roll No.41

COVID – 2019
As we are getting closer and closer to Christmas 2020, I cannot help but remember how Christmas 2019 was like for me. Every Christmas, all that I can think of is sweets, chocolates, good food, new toys, new clothes and meeting up with my distant relatives, family members and having a nice winter break. The fact that it is the end of the year and start of the New Year also excites me.

But 2020 was different in so many ways. There were news reports coming in from China that there was a new Coronavirus found in bats which has found its way in humans and is spreading rapidly. No one took the news seriously and went about their lives in a happy go lucky way. But this was to be the biggest mistake as in a globalised world more and more people are commuting from one place to another which is how the virus spread throughout the world. The virus made its way into India in January 2020 and the government declared a lockdown from March 23, 2020. We have been in a technical state of lockdown since then.

Words like quarantine, lockdown, social distancing and pandemic began to be used frequently by government, media and on social media. People were encouraged to stay home as much as possible, wear masks in public places, avoid shaking hands, wash hands frequently, make use of a sanitizer, get tested in case of any corona symptoms like fever, cough, cold, throat pain, loss of appetite etc. The entire world came to a standstill with flights grounded, trains stopped, people lost their jobs, migrant workers were forced to walk home thousands of kilometres away with many of them losing their lives in the process, schools and colleges were forced to shutdown and offer classes online. Teachers who had never taught online or made use of laptops or mobile phones were compelled to learn them in a short time to teach students. New apps like Google Classroom, Google Meet were created and used extensively by schools. Quarantine centres and mobile testing clinics were opened by the government wherein Corona positive patients were asked to spend 14 days in the quarantine centre isolated from everyone. Healthcare facilities were overwhelmed throughout the world as doctors and nurses struggled to accommodate and treat patients in the hospitals. As of today, there have been 72 million cases throughout the world and more than 1.6 million deaths. It is as if we are in a state of war with this microscopic monster.
We have been hearing news reports that a vaccine has been found by multiple companies which is showing positive results and would be bringing this pandemic to an end. Every time during Christmas I would ask Santa for some material gifts like toys, games, chocolates etc., but this time I will not ask Santa for all of this. I guess there are so many important things in the world than the things that I have been asking Santa all these years. This year I want Santa to deliver vaccines and food to poor people, give jobs to jobless people, end this pandemic, and bring the world back to normal. I believe if every person asks Santa and prays to God Almighty for these gifts then we will receive it and this nightmare would come to an end soon.
To all the people who are reading my article please be strong, stay safe, wear masks, practice social distancing and ensure good hand hygiene. Together we shall overcome this difficult time and defeat this invisible monster.


Today, a reader; tomorrow, a leader

Nowadays, whenever I ask my friends or cousins if they have read any good books lately, they almost always say, “Who reads books nowadays! It is better to watch movies instead!”

I want to tell you about my experience.

I have watched all the Harry Potter movies and have enjoyed them thoroughly. But my parents got me Harry Potter books to read too, and if you ask me, which one was better, I will vote for the Harry Potter books any time of the day!

The kind of imaginative and real life experience that you get from reading books cannot be obtained through watching movies, you can only get that kind of experience if you actually were Harry Potter and you lived in that world and did those things! ?

And that is why I say, kids should develop the habit of reading. Not only kids, this is true for anyone, for that matter!

You should read books because when you read books you will like them way more than playing a game on your mobile or watching TV. Many kids will right out deny this, but trust me, read a book or two on a topic that interests you, and your belief will change for sure! Of course it is fun playing games on the mobile (but maybe even better playing real games in the playground, if and when you can) and it is definitely fun watching TV, but in my opinion, reading books will also keep you hooked for a long time once you get the hang of it.

Someone has rightly said, “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body!”

Books are good for our eyes, unlike the digital or electronic media that strain not only our eyes, but also will make us tire easily. In today’s world, with so much exposure to digital media, kids endure a lot of strain on their eyes, their mind and their overall mental wellbeing. Some of us will even need glasses at an early age.I can laze around all day with a book in my hand, with minimal strain on my eyes. And what about my mind? Well, my mind can rest and enjoy reading all day long too!

With a book, you can never be alone. You ask me, “Why?”

It is because you carry all the people, the places, the things and the emotions with you inside the book. And the funny thing is that when I keep my book aside, all these will go away for a while. But when I reopen the book again, they will come back to me, as though they had never gone away. I can go away for years, but whenever I come back, the characters and the places are still there, waiting for me to open the book again, and enter their world.

As rightly said, “A book is a gift you can open, again and again!”

What else do we get when we read? We get knowledge of different cultures, myths, stories, morals and life lessons. We do not need to experience all these things firsthand, we just have to read a book and we can learn and know about all these things, from others’ experiences.

Once you have read a book, and you have gained the knowledge, even if the book is lost, or is no longer with you, you will still remember the experiences and you will still have the knowledge all your life!

So, my dear friends, I can definitely tell you all, that books are a fun way to spend your time. So just grab a book, if you already don’t have one, sit down in a comfortable place, and let the book take you to worlds unknown.

Remember that someone said, “An hour spent reading, is one stolen from paradise!”

All the best!

Om Mhatre ( VA)










True Friendship

Having true friend is to have happiness in tons
If you have, then you are one of the lucky ones

Friendship is not about profit or loss
Difficult times they help us to cross

They ask for party and cheer us up
With all funny ideas they come up

They make us laugh, they make us cry
But still never let us say a goodbye

Friendship is a bond of true friends
Which at any cost never ends

Minnoli Madhyan




A virtual twist!

As the nation geared up for 74th Independence Day celebration, with Covid-19 hovering on and a lack of clarity on when schools would reopen, students opted for a virtual route to celebrate through Google Meet.

The celebrations were quite differently done something that was not thought off …. The flag hoisting ceremony in the school was done but missed the charm of students  & teachers together saluting the National Flag & singing the National Anthem which user to echo the voices of different humans but true  Indians in spirit . Though students were not in the school premises they were still connected .This year, however, the ceremonies and cultural programmes were organised with a ‘virtual’ twist.

A short  program was arranged to ensuring that the fervour of patriotism lives on, students participated with great enthusiasm .Inspiring videos were shown, beautiful speeches were conducted.

Indeed it was truly an enriching and a new experience imbibed with sense of patriotism. No matter virtually or in  reality  what should live on is ” Patriotism “. If it’s not we then who else would fall in love with our country?


-Prajakta Bangale



Good Morning to one and all present here. Its been an honour and privilege for me to shoulder the responsibility  of being the HEAD GIRL this year.

I on behalf of the entire outgoing Student Council, would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and everyone, who gave us this opportunity to serve our alma mater.

Truly, this has been a great learning experience for all of us. Working for the school was an honour for us as it taught us to be responsible, hard working and more so to show dedication and commitment we learnt to work unitedly and co-operate with each other to bring success to the duties entrusted to us.

Firstly, I would like to thank our Principal Sister Angela for entrusting us with the responsibility of serving the school and for all the guidance and encouragement she had given us throughout this year. I also thank all the sisters of the community for their constant support. I am also grateful to all the teachers for having trusted us with this huge responsibility that has moulded us all. I am also thankful for all my fellow council members for their co-operation and  enthusiasm and for their commitment towards their duties, which helped make this a success. It wouldn’t  have been possible  if not for them.

I congratulate the newly elected Council Members and wish them all the very best , to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them with diligence and zeal, always work to serve and bring glory to the school. All the best.

Thank you all!





Go round and round on the ground,

With the loved one’s around,

Pretty flowers and the grass surrounds,

And the sky of faith above.

Play the things you want to play,

Fun and run on the slay,

Swing on the swing with the wings,

Hear the song that nature sings.

See the trees smiling, and that

Something they are hiding,

Oh! See the children riding,

On the duck screaming and shouting.

Look around have a sight,

You will see the sun shining bright,

Shimmering green grass by the light,

Can you see that by your sight?

Colours flow through the roll,

Calms the heart and the soul,

Go round and round on the ground,

Such a great time around.

                                                                                                 Vaishnavi Desai   

                                                                                                              STD X A            



 Strength and Courage lies within us!


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives us courage.

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray to be strong men, don’t pray for task equal to your powers, but pray for power equal to your task.   Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle but you shall be the miracle.’’

To be strong is to be powerful. The use of this power, however, can become effective or efficient in a specific direction only if it is combined with courage, strength and wisdom within us.

Strength embodies many attributes physical powers, tenacity, toughness, character, etc.  There are inherent human assets and resources which can make us striking and superior in a particular way.

Courage is not overcoming fear, but rather standing or ground in spite of it. Fear arises lack of knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and certainty is very important as they help us to find courage combined with confidence.  The world makes a way to person who says, “I CAN BECAUSE I KNOW I CAN.’’

Hence, courage and strength makes a person’s character achieve  success.  Remember that those people who have been rewarded for bravery and recognized for merits in times of battles and crisis situation were ordinary like you and me.

They were fully conscious of their inner strength and courage in their hour of testing and reckoning and today many of them are remembered.       Courage conquers all things. It even gives strength to the body.

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s about the triumph over it. The brave man is not the one who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’’


Nisha Singh




‘CJM’ is its name,

Completing 200 years it has earned fame,

This is the school that we go to!

‘Cut your nails’ is what the leaders say,

And loose socks is what we wear all day,

For the badge they might grumble,

But unpolished shoes being more trouble!

English classes are quite fun,

Except when the homework isn’t done,

But those who find maths easy to do,

Are just about one or two,

The rest of us, whose brains work hollow,

Find it difficult to follow,

But when sums are easy to do,

The maths period we enjoy too.

The recess is when we are free,

Enjoying with our besties.

Science makes our minds travel,

New world we try to unravel,

Yet not missing out the fun,

 Cracking jokes a million ton.

Running down the stairs for games,

Is the best thing we enjoy to do.

Waiting for celebrations to happen,

Teacher’s day and children’s day,

Are the favourites!

We love our school so we keep it clean,

Cause Swacch Bharat is Swacch CJM,

We love our teachers and principal too!

That’s how our school is,

Principal so caring,

Teachers as mentors,

Enjoying with friends and foe!

And through the curriculum our talents we show.

By – Pearl Pise



Importance of Education


“Imagine a world where everyone is educated. We would perhaps have never worn clothes or eaten delicious food. Possibly, we could be walking around in the forest and climbing mountains, hunting for wild animals for flash accompanied by leaves, roots and fruits.

Life gives various survival challenges foe humans. But education guides human to fight with failure and get success in life. Education is the only thing that can remove corruption, unemployment and environmental problems. Education is not about doing degrees; it is about how you can live within your own feet.

Today the main primary reason why child is pushed towards school at attender age of 3 is not that the parents want him to attain knowledge; it is because they are afraid that their child will be “left- behind’’other children who are actually going through the same mindless is a common sight to see a small kids carrying really heavy bags to and from the school which actually stunts their physical growth or development.

Education gives a person all the necessary tools and awareness about how he can earn his daily bread and butter. He also gets knowledge about how he can raise a standard of living while fulfilling his family‘s daily requirements .having an education makes a person well informed about his rights and his responsibilities. Well educated ones  are the assets of the society. They can help everyone to grow and develop as individuals in their respective fields. Similarly the most prevalent psychology    among students today is to fight intense competitions for certain, degree to get a certain job. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nisha Singh






Road safety is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. It is to secure people while traveling on the roads. It is to make safe all the road users such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, multi-wheelers, and other transport vehicle users. Practicing road safety measures is very good and safe to all people throughout their life. Everyone should respect others while driving or walking on the road and take care of their safety.

People’s safety on the road is one of the most important aspects in order to avoid road accidents, injury, and deaths.

Having rsp as an important subject we have improved a lot in  terms of being safe and keeping the people around us safe.


RSP has instilled in us accountability, responsibility and self- respect.

Ahlam Desai





The little girl comes and goes,

With a smile that touches,

Everyone’s heart, with happiness,

Teaches to have peacefulness.

Painful heart is gone,

Taking the pains along,

There is a journey along,

Sing it with a happy song,

Dazzling wind the girl,

 Brings along,

Spreads happiness all around,

Bring people together and bond.

There she goes, taking sorrows,

Carrying with her the tears

Of sadness,

Of losing someone,

The happiness of life lingers

The little girl comes and goes,

With a smile on her face,

And tears in her eyes!

-Vaishnavi Desai





Once there was a girl named Sia who was very silent, shy and was very lonely. She never mingled with anyone. She had no friends. Sia used to never talk with students in the class. But she was a very brilliant student in the class.

Every student in the class used to bully her especially girls. Her classmates made her do their homework. Sia was very obedient. She never said no to anybody. One day new student was  admitted to the class. Her name was Tina. Tina was a jovial person she lived her life to the fullest. Tina made friends within a day and everyone liked her. Tina noticed that Sia was alone and nobody used to talk to her Tina tried to talk with Sia but she ignored her. One day Tina saw that her friends were bullying Sia. Tina protected Sia and scolded everyone who were bullying. Tina tried to make Sia understand that she should have some self respect. If she doesn’t respect herself then people will try to take advantage of her. One should be strong enough to fight for themselves.

The next day Sia complained to the Principal of the school. From that day everyone respected Sia back and  were very polite to her.




He loves his country best, who strives to make it best.


                  “Flight no. F16066 to New York has been delayed due to heavy rainfall and water logging”, said the announcement while Ravi was still struggling to make it through the security check. “Useless!”  He said with a sigh, “this was a mistake”. Ravi started thinking about the `mistake` he had done by coming to India again just for a stupid conference. Ravi was an Indian but had decided to settle in New York few years ago. “This country is a mess!” he said. “ Floods everywhere, because of which this damn flight has been delayed”. As he was thinking, but mainly criticizing India, the phone buzzed. It was Indu chachi, calling from 10 kilometres away from the airport, where she resided. “Ravi! “, she said in a worried tone. “Come home Ravi, at once! They have given a red alert. It`s going to rain heavily for the next 24 hours. Come here before the condition gets worse”. “Hello Chachi….” he said ready with an excuse but she had already hung up.

                    “What is it about this undeveloped place? Who is going to enjoy living here? They keep producing so much of waste throughout the year and corruption here has blocked the drainage system!’’.  He thought while looking around for a cab. The rain didn’t seem to stop, all the vehicles were submerged in water by now and the water level had risen to waist-length. I must go, chachi must be so worried, he thought and stared walking home through the submerged roads. He managed it till the sub-way where he saw some people struggling to walk through. He joined them , as being alone was very dangerous by now. The water level was constantly rising and the group was now holding hands trying to make it out through the life or death situation.

            After some distance, they could spot a cab on a higher ground and decided to get in. Everyone was wet and tired and hungry and lifeless because of the long day. The taxi driver offered the people some rotis that he had from the morning meal. Ravi was now disgusted, enough never to come back . “ Never coming back ;“ he said .  The driver turned to him and said,”so you are and Indian huh ?” “yes but, not proud!” he said.” what is wrong with the politicians and the people here? They should learn from other countries. They disgust me! ” “Well ,at least they aren’t leaving the country and running away “,the driver said.

 A sudden moment of realization struck him. “Never running away!” was the intention now.

                                                                    Simone Martin Athanas

                                                                                                           STD XI     




Knowledge is the way to make one’s  life perfect but it depends upon you what will you choose. The right   path which  will  make your  character.

Bruce Lee says that knowledge will give you power but character respect, your character depends on your behaviour. Respects is  built  by onself, which sometimes also create one’s character.

Knowledge and hard work will give one, a path  towards success which may make one’s   life well settled but one’s character which is built  will give  respect.

Giving respect to other gives respect to you too. But the reason behind that is ‘’giving respect to other is your character and that character gives you respect.’’