Patron: St. Francis Xavier
Symbol: Pink Lotus
Principle Upheld: Spiritual, Ambitious, Generosity, Endevarance.

St. Francis Xavier was taken by the beautiful words “what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”. How well fitting are these words today where we hardly pay attention to it. St. Francis Xavier understood the meaning of the worlds and really stood above everything. A spiritual life gives us happiness. The Blue house with the symbol of Lotus which stands for spirituality and even though it grows in stagnant waters it gives beauty to the surrounding. The blue house students can go out and preach like their patron St. Francis Xavier preaching in our families, to our friends, our society and our institution. Preach not with words but by our everyday lives. They can help someone in need, visit orphanages and aged houses, help a needy student in the institute and the good of listening to another.

The beautiful words of their patron saint will come true as they charisma of spirituality. As the Lotus blooms, bloom where you are and spread spirituality.