Challenges of the 21st Century Learning

The  challenges ahead to work, the 21st century Skills Movement will require keen attention to curriculum, teacher quality and assessment. A growing number of education are united around the idea that students need 21st century skills to be successful today.

It had to be child centered qualitative and life skills based Education to empower young minds to face the challenges  of an enigmatic world.

The 21st  century learning empowers students to be independent, confident  and successful habitual learners. Many of the skills are associated with deeper learning , based on mastering skills such as analytic reasoning, problem solving and team work.

A 21st century teacher is able to adopt to whatever comes their way. They are able to look at their practices and adapt based on the needs of their students.

The goal of education should be to provide complex learning environment  for students which incorporate authentic learning and allow learners to take the types of complex problem they face in real life.

12 abilities that  today’s  students need to succeed in their careers during the Information are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, etc.,

Challenges of  21st century may involve due to lack of adaption to newer mediums of  learning, but learning is possible no matter how difficult the circumstances are, if one is focused, determined and armed.

  1. Flipped classroom-encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. (care method)
  2. Design thinking (Group analysis, brainstorm, innovative and creative ideas)
  3. Key learning
  4. Gamification (learning through the use of games)
  5. Social Media (to get students  engaged with social media in the classroom)
  6. Free online learning trends.