Patron: St. Claudine Thevenet
Symbol: Violet
Principle Upheld: Calmness, Helpfulness, Patience, Forgiving.

St. Claudine Thevenet desired that we should love and live in harmony with the beautiful words of “Forgive as we are forgiven”, the world today needs forgiveness. St. Claudine with courage forgave everyone who tortured the people around her. It is only when we forgive we are forgiven. It is difficult to forgive but forgiving the other is to love.
The beautiful flower “violet” of the yellow house was the name given to there patron saint Claudine, violet stands for calmness, patient and helpfulness.

The students of yellow house have a lot to learn from their patron. The society needs you. She will be happy if you will walk in her path of love, care help, visiting orphanages, home for the aged, hospitals and slum areas to spread love and unity. It takes courage to answer a call and to give your all. It takes courage to risk your name and to be true. So like your patron have faith in Jesus on the Cross and things will work out for you.